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9 OctHow to Order a Skip Bin

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You may be wondering why we felt it was necessary to write an entire article on how to order a skip bin. After all, the process is simple if you make an online booking and fill out our contact sheet. However, there are a few equally simple things you’ll want to consider before you order a skip bin.

Whether you talk to us in person or make that online booking, here are the questions you may be asked when you place your order (beyond the usual name, contact details and suburb etc):


1. What waste type are you looking to dispose of?

Different waste types may have different weight limits and costs for disposal. Make a list of the type of waste you’ll need to dispose of. See our waste types page to check what category they fall under, and to see what types of waste can’t be put in a skip bin.


2. What size skip bin do you need?

If you’re unsure about what size skip bin you’ll need, you can generally make a good estimate based on the volume of the area you’ll be working with. See our skip bin sizes page for guidance. You can always ask us for advice when you make your booking too, if you’re still not entirely sure what size to go with.

Another thing to consider is the number of skip bins you require. Sometimes it is more cost effective to order more than one skip bin for different categories of waste. For more information on this you can see our post on how to get the best value out of your skip bin hire.


3. How long will you require the skip bin for?

We let you keep the bin for five days, but you can arrange to have it longer if necessary (a charge of $10 per additional day applies). If you think you will need more than five days to use the skip bin, when you order a skip bin from us include this information and we can make a longer term arrangement with you.


4. Where would you like us to put the skip bin on delivery?

This is more a question about the accessibility of your property. Without a permit we can’t leave the skip bin on the street, it needs to be placed on your property. We’ll always try and place the skip bin in the best place for you, but this depends on the dimensions of your driveway/carport/garden etc.


5. Have you read our booking terms and conditions?

It’s important to make sure you read our booking terms and conditions prior to ordering a bin from us. We’ll assume you have read and agreed to them when you make a booking. This ensures that you know what our policies and procedures are when you order a skip bin from us.


If you take a little bit of time to consider these questions before you order a skip bin, the booking process will be much smoother and you can be more confident that you have made the right choice when it comes to the size and number of skip bins you order.

If you have any questions, or you would like to make a booking, contact us today!