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27 AprAdelaide Recycling Depots

When you categorise your waste to put into a skip bin, you may end up with a decent amount of materials that can be recycled. So, where are the Adelaide recycling depots? Below we have a list of what you can recycle, and where you can take it to be recycled. In some cases, you may be able to have your recycling collected, depending on the material.

Firstly, what can I recycle?

There are many things you can recycle and re-use. Some you may be familiar with, while others may come as a surprise. Here is a list of recyclable materials:

– cardboard

– paper

– plastic bottles / containers

– aluminium cans / containers

– scrap metal

– batteries (including car batteries)

– certain components of e-waste

– glass bottles and jars

– non-ferrous metals

– steel

– car bodies

– organic waste

– food tins

– newspapers


There is a hazardous waste depot in SA also. The details will be provided below. Hazardous materials include:


–  Pesticides (including insecticides, herbicides)

– Solvents (including paint thinners, turpentine)

– Acids and alkalis

– Liquid paints (up to 20 litres)

– Varnishes and stains

– LPG gas cylinders (that hold up to 9.0 kg of gas)

– Photographic chemicals

– Batteries (nickel/cadmium, mercury, lithium, lead/acid)

– Coolants

– Pool chemicals

– Other household chemicals


Adelaide Recycling Depots

Remember, it’s important to check that the recycling depot will take your specific materials. Some depots accept only bottles or paper, while others may accept car bodies or batteries and e-waste. We have provided the links to a few locations around Adelaide, and you will be able to check what each depot accepts on these sites.

Recycling SA – Recycling SA will collect your scrap metal, and may offer payment for these materials! They have locations in Edwardston, Somerton Park and North Plympton. Check their site for more details.

Recyclers SA – A very similar name, but this site will list all of their locations throughout South Australia. They have depots in the metropolitan area, Fleurieu Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula and the south east and far north of SA. Beside each listing you can find what materials each depot accepts.

For any further information on recycling in South Australia, a good site to visit is Zero Waste SA. They have plenty of information on all kinds of waste, including e-waste, hazardous materials disposal and organic material or food scraps.

Zero Waste SA also offers a hazardous waste disposal service for householders and farmers (not businesses). They will safely dispose of hazardous wastes free of charge. The depot is open 9am – 12pm the first Tuesday of every month. And is located on Cnr Magazine Road and Henschke Street, Dry Creek. For more information check out their flyer.


For all other wastes (such as concrete, hard rubbish etc) you can use a skip bin. For more information, get in touch with us today!